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Stevia rebaudiana is a small perennial herbaceous-plant coming from Central America.

Stevia has green oblong, serrated-edge leaves and small white flowers. So far, Stevia is considered one of the best medicinal plants in existence. From the leaves of this plant you can obtain a very sweet juice concentrate that has no calories, but is thirty times sweeter than sugar; ,this juice yields a white powder, which is also very sweet (up to 300 times sweeter than sugar). Both the juice and the chopped leaves have a sweet flavor with an aromatic aftertaste reminiscent of licorice and anise. Currently, this plant is grown in sub-tropical areas in more than 16 Countries on 3 continents (Africa, South America and South East Asia.
Today the term Stevia identifies both the plant and its components, although only a few of them have sweetening properties. The steviol glycosides are the real components of sweeteners and they are extracted by drying and purification of the leaves of Stevia; among them, the Rebaudioside-A is the one that has the best sensory profile combined with a high sweetening power.
The extracts of Stevia are therefore 100% natural and do not provide any calories. They have a zero glycemic index and for this reason Stevia is also suitable for people with diabetes and it is part of the general trend to healthier and natural eating. The extracts of Stevia currently represent the best alternative to sugar. Extended research and numerous studies have established the complete harmlessness of Stevia to human health. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the FAO / OMS recognize it suitable for the whole family.
Stevia can be used, as an alternative to sugar, in the preparation of cakes, jams, and beverages and can be baked up to 200°C (400F). Being without sugar, it does not promote tooth decay, contributing to better oral hygiene; moreover it does not contain allergens or gluten.

Stevida products are all designed for people who do not want to deprive themselves of deliciuos pleasures, but think about the physical well being. The range of Stevida products consists of a series of naturally sweetened products that have no added sugar and are low in calories.

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